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Why Invest in Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are pretty standard for most properties. This is something that is no secret and at Locksmith Apex in Apex, NC, we realize how important this feature is to avoid a break-in. The question is, do you realize how important deadbolt locks are? They don’t cost a lot and they can greatly improve the level of security that you have. Not everyone has a alarm system or a dog but most people do have deadbolt locks. Even if they don’t have them on all of their exterior doors, they usually have them on their front door. They help to better secure the area and are very difficult to compromise.

Most expert locksmiths will agree that a door without a deadbolt lock is usually a prime target for an intruder. Even if you have a deadbolt on your door, you should make sure that it isn’t so old that it doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. Keep your locks properly maintained so that the old locks can be swapped out for newer looks whenever necessary. This will prevent break-ins.

So you may be wondering whether or not you have a deadbolt lock on your door or not. Perhaps you just moved into a new home and since you never added any locks, you don’t know whether or not you have a deadbolt. Well, first of all, any time you move into a new home, the locks should be changed. You never know if someone still has keys to the home. A contractor may have had a duplicate key made. You can’t be too safe. When having new locks installed, make sure you have deadbolt locks installed on each exterior door. A deadbolt lock is made has a durable steel bolt that goes directly in the doorjamb and the door strike plate. There are several types of deadbolt locks, the most widely used and most recognized type is a single-cylinder deadbolt. This one works with the simply twist knob that is located on the inside of the door and requires a key to open from the other side. Another one is the double-cylinder deadbolt that requires a key for both sides of the door in order to be opened. This type can become a problem if there is an emergency and you are unable to find the key to both sides of the door. Finally, one type of deadbolt that is not as well-known as the other two is the keyless cylinder deadbolt lock.

Why a Double-Cylinder Deadbolt versus a Single-Cylinder Deadbolt

You may want to know why anyone would ever choose a double-cylinder lock to single-cylinder locks. One reason is because they offer a different level of protection. If you have a single-cylinder deadbolt on a door that also has glass. The glass can be easily broken. Once this happens, someone can easily reach their hands in and unlock the door. When you have a double-cylinder deadbolt this can’t happen since a key is required for both sides of the door to be opened.

Why a Single-Cylinder Deadbolt versus a Double-Cylinder Deadbolt

If there is an emergency where people have to exit in a hurry, such as a fire, if the key to both sides of the door can’t easily be located, it could mean cost of life. This is a chance that some people simply are not willing to take.  There are many advantages and disadvantages for both. It’s up to you to evaluate these reasons yourself and determine which is best suited for you and your needs.

The Cost of Deadbolt Locks

Just about any locksmith will admit that adding deadbolt locks to your doors will greatly improve the security of your property and are the least expensive thing you can do too. In other words, you won’t have to break the bank to get the level of security you need.

Benefits of Deadbolt Locks
  • They are designed to withstand the most intense pressure from forced entry
  • A standard lock can easily be forced open with the use of a crowbar, or some other instrument. A deadbolt is virtually impossible to break.
  • It takes far to long for someone to try to break through a deadbolt lock. Since it takes so much longer, they tend to abandon the job once they see how time consuming the attempt is.

If you’re interested in a new deadbolt locks because you do not like the way that yours functions, consult with a locksmith to find out more about the type that are offered. Perhaps you’ll want the ease of a keyless cylinder but are so accustomed to using a key that it might take some convincing. Maybe you’ve been using a double-deadbolt but you now have small children and do not want the problem associated with this type of deadbolt. You have several options and obtaining additional information about each time will afford you the opportunity to make a well-informed decision. You may decide which ones to have installed based on the cost if you have a budget. Maybe your considering deadbolt locks but don’t think they are worth the extra expense. If you talk to some of your friends and neighbors who have deadbolt locks, they may also respond by letting you know that it is a necessity to have these types of locks on your doors. So, don’t take it from us, listen to what others are saying about how they feel bout their deadbolt locks.

Please note that there is no lock that is 100% guaranteed to prevent intrusion. The point is that it lowers your chances of experiencing a break-in. The key is to make it more difficult so that the intruder abandons their course. This is possible due to the difficulty associated with opening this type of lock. They have to get through the durable metal and then the doorplates.  Not too many will take the time to go through this much trouble, they would rather accept the route of least resistance and seek out another target.